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Violet is sitting in a coffee house alone on a Wednesday afternoon, deciding to work on the few papers her boss had given her. She works as a manager, meaning she needs to carefully keep trace of her employee, and give a follow-up to Gregory Ashton, her thirty-five-year-old boss. Violet is pretty to look at, charismatic, charming and likes to amuse her friends but knows the boundary there is between her professional life and her private life.

Maybe this was why Gregory had liked her so much. She was good at what she was doing, and had never asked for anything in return. Being a lesbian made it easier for her, as people weren’t as eager to assume she was sometimes under Gregory’s desk, but had never like his attitude towards her. Perhaps she should have been more careful, on this Wednesday after-noon.

After her first coffee, and her third glass of wine, Violet was walking home alone. Her neighborhood was calm, with a few families and some kids. But no one ever made a sound, and no one ever spied on one another. Maybe was it why she had decided to live in her small house, never feeling as everyone needed to know her secrets.

She arrived home at 8 In the evening, had cooked herself a warm meal and had allowed herself one last glass on red wine in front of a TV show she had never really enjoyed, but had always rocked her to sleep. It’s only when she heard insistent knocks on her door that Violet was fully up, wondering who might have decided to visit her at such an un-godly hour. What Violet didn’t know, as she hesitated to open the door, was that her action would lead her to a point of no-return.

NOTES: The end has no ending yet - it is still a work in progress.

TEAM:  Nastasia Benkert, Camille Delarche, Estéban Gaboriau, Alexandre Kadri 


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